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i haven’t seen a post about this yet and just found out about it today, so here ya go! a friendly reminder that emily was nominated for a teen choice award for “female breakout star”. her competition is pretty fierce (and all also deserving of the title) but it’d be really cool if she won!

you can vote once a day here!

Everyone, please be sure to reblog this and keep it going as a reminder to vote daily! Get your family members to vote as well!

Vote for Arrow in the SciFi category and Emily Bett Rickards for Female Breakout Star

A HUGE thanks to stilettoroyalty for putting that together AND to the thecwarrow for sharing it because I’ve seen lots of stuff about Arrow being nomimated for the TCA from Arrow/CW but little about Emily Bett Rickards being nominated too (even from Emily herself! It’s okay to give yourself a cheer, Emily! All your fans would want to know so they could help and vote for you and Arrow!) so this was really, really nice to see.  Thank you, CW Arrow.



Anonymous asked:

So, I keep reading about how Felicity was fishing in the island scene whether he meant it and that it made her look "pathetic." What did you think about that? Because to me, she was fishing because it was awkward and she was acknowledging that, not because she wanted it to be real. I mean, she basically said she believed him for a second, and yet SHE NEVER SAID IT BACK. That's significant, I think, especially looking at it from Oliver's POV.



I think people are totally missing the point of that scene.

Felicity said that to give Oliver an out, to take it back. For him to look at her and say something like ‘it was a lie’, ‘i love you but like a sister’ or whatever alternative that would backpedaled the ilu. Instead, he didn’t answer anything regarding it. He didn’t take it back. He said she sold it too.

The thing is, the scene was constructed to give you the idea Felicity was behind the plan until Oliver muttered the ‘I love you’ - that wasn’t part of the plan. For what I understood, the problem wasn’t exactly the words, but the way he said it. Felicity believed in those words because he was sincere. She said he sold that and, who better than Felicity to point out when Oliver is lying or not. What brought her back to the reality of the plan was the ‘Do you understand?’ The ‘I love you’ served of purpose to lure Slade in and get her. 

And yes, Oliver’s reaction to her lack of reaction aside surprise just reinforce the idea that Oliver is sure his feelings for her are more in the unrequited side than anything. 

ohmygod, someone actually called felicity pathetic because of that? she stab slade fucking wilson and save the city! some people just confuse me. beside that

Yes- I agree with this- she gave Oliver an out!

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